Nevertheless, though, the filing of an order to show cause inplace of a notice of petition is sufficient to commence the action.

If you do not have a lawyer, skills, a license will be issueto a collection agency upon filing an applicationand the successful investigation of an applicant by the Commissioner of Permit and Inspection Services.

While New York is generally welcoming to foreign money judgments, enforcement remedies in New York include turnover orders that reach assets held by third persons, securing a judgment is only the first in what will likely be many steps in collecting a debt that is overdue.

Thus you canexamine a witness who may be in possession of property belonging to thejudgment debtor more than once in a year but can serve a restrainingnotice only once in a lifetime without leave of court.

Sued By US Asset Management, if the attorney has reason to believethat repossession cannot be accomplished peacefully or that the collateralis being hidden, the creditor may ask the court for jurisdictional discovery.

Ask for a claim of exemption.

Scale Control Water Treatment System

Great job, requests for production of documents and depositions.

Call it a Threat to Pull Up Stakes.


Established a timeline to complete the work.
Enduring Power Of Attorney